Медицински комплекс ДОВЕРИЕ



I want the entire world to know that in MBAL "Doverie" the surgery is performed like clockwork.
This is achieved by Dr. Yancho Delchev of the Gynaecology department with his hands, intellect and heart together with the team.
I highly appreciate the professional skill and I sincerely thank to the whole team of physicians, nurses, maternity nurses and ward maids. I wish you the thing that all the money in the world CANNOT buy – HEALTH!

P. Guleva

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the high professional skill and warm attitude to Dr. Yancho Delchev, his team and the doctors on duty in the Gynaecology department of the hospital.

D. Toncheva

I don’t know how to start this introduction, and this happens rarely to me. I don’t want to sound full of pathos and exulting but only sincere. I was admitted in the Gynaecology department of MBAL „Doverie” to have an intervention for surgical removal of uterus. To tell the truth, I was worried, and I did not expect that here I would be mat with such attention and warmth. The team in the department was kind and affectionate. They inspired confidence, courage and peace of mind in me.

The surgery was performed by Da Vinci robot the latest state-of-the-art in technology, but yet we are in 21 century. One wants to write something different from the others, something more, something better ..., but no matter what and how say it, it will be not enough ...
wonderful team and perfectly done work ! Respect of their professional skills!
Trust in them and you should know that you are in the proper place and in good hands!
Big THANKS to the whole team for the high professional skill, dedication and humanity!!! I wish health and strength to help to much more people!

Snejana Aleksieva,
18.11. 2014

S. Aleksieva

I am touched by the good care and attention by the whole team of hospital at the head with Dr. Birdanov. Thank you!

А. Spiridonov