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Council of Directors

Management Council
Medical Council

Council of Directors of MBAL „Doverie

Boris Borisov - Chairman

Dr. Dimitar Gugutkov – Executive Director of MBAL "Doverie" AD

Anna Nedyalkova

Associate Prof. Dr. Margarit Ganev

Dr.Valchin Garov


Management Board of MC „Doverie“

Dr. Dimitar Gugutkov – Executive Director of MBAL "Doverie" AD

Anna Pavlova

Ivan Kralev

The general ideas and trends in the management of medical activities;

·        Performance of the plan for the work of medical establishment and its medical, social and economic efficiency;

·        The proposals of the Heads of Departments and laboratories for the improvement of their structures activities;

·        Information activities of the medical establishment and proposal of measured for its improvement;

·        Implementation of new medical methods and technologies increasing the efficiency and quality of medical services;

·        The Council of Directors of MBAL "Doverie" AD with respect to issues arising on the medical activities and financial efficiency of the medical establishment . 



Dr. Dimitar Gugutkov

Honourable Chairman:

Prof. Dr. Toma Pojarliev


Dr. Yordan Birdanov

Dr. Evelin Haivazov

Associate Prof. Dr. Dimitar Chakurov

Dr. Yordan Churchev

Dr. Yancho Delchev

Dr. Gergana Bagaliiska

Dr. Yavor Semerdjiev

Associate Prof. Dr. Marin Georgiev

Dr. Maria Abrasheva

Dr. Svetlana Nikolova

Dr. Reni Peicheva

Dr. Petko Boev

Dr. Antony Stoyanov

Dr. Petko Vitkov

Mag. Pharm Mariana Yorgova

Dr. Georgi TrifonovNurse Albena Doneva